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Paradise Phantoms was born under the essence of a movie from the 70s called "The Phantom of the Paradise" by Brian de Palma that marked the infancy of the three members of the group. Looking for the perfect balance between electronic and organic music, his style goes from classic funk to futuristic and 80´s Arcade sounds, genres that have shaped his personality and style, a particular and different one. With clear influences of bands like Daft Punk, Jamiroquai, George Clinton, Rick James, Chromeo or Chic, among others.


Vocal, Bass / Marcos Miranda
Guitar, Keyboard / Iván Redondo
Machinery / Ordell








19 DIC 2017

Late Motiv, TV

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21 DIC 2017
Medias Puri, Madrid



Tights & Jackets

by Paradise Phantoms (February 2017)